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Iron Maiden — When the Wild Wind Blows (Moscow 11.02.2011)

Song from a new album called «The Final Frontier» (2010) «The Final Frontier Tour 2011»

Если Вас интересует «москва never» — и поэтому мы добавили красивейший видео ролик on line «Iron Maiden — When the Wild Wind Blows (Moscow 11.02.2011)».В отличнейшем online-видео с оценкой зрителей больше чем четыре балла вы поймете москва never.


  • Playing THIS song in Russia? Probably not a good? idea…
  • No soy argentino, pero de? las mejores son las argentinas
  • @gotpezz: Dont question,? just accept the power of Maiden
  • still get the chills from THE MAIDEN YEA? BUDDY!
  • So you? say that the Russians suck? Napoleon and Hitler were trying to say the same thing =;)
  • maybe one of the best melody by iron maiden?
  • feel? that thing croosing around your back?
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  • Hey. Please go onto my channel and check out my video on me playing this song on the? piano. Thank you. 😀
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