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In today’s world, where, first of all, time and quality are valued, turnkey homes are becoming increasingly popular. The main advantage of this construction is that, by signing an agreement with a construction organization on the construction of a turnkey house, the customer completely transfers to the contractor all the problems related to the construction. Few people know that the construction of a cottage on a turn-key basis is not only the construction of walls, but also the provision of additional services in the form of execution of documents.

The construction of a turnkey house assumes that all the details of the construction of the customer are discussed with the contractor even at the signing of the contract, go to this web link for the construction of homes in Montenegro which stipulates the responsibilities of the parties, financial issues, terms of construction, as well as penalties for non-fulfillment of obligations. After the contract is signed, the developer starts construction work, after which he gives the client a ready-to-use facility.

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The concept of «turnkey» has differences in different firms. In the understanding of our company, we undertake processes for selecting a site, designing a project, obtaining permits, building and putting the object into operation. So, let’s take a closer look at the notion of turnkey house: what’s included, how much time it takes, what services are provided.

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